If you’d like to donate to WSHPCO’s Light Up a Life campaign, your tax deductible contribution will help you celebrate the lives of loved ones during the holiday season and help the Washington State Hospice & Palliative Care Organization in promoting and maintaining quality, compassionate care for those facing life-threatening illnesses.

Please consider making a donation to honor local first responders and essential workers.

Light Up a Life Tributes

Donations have been made to the Washington State Hospice & Palliative Care Organization’s Light Up a Life campaign in honor and memory of the following:

  • Karen Prince (from Carol & Eldon Davis)
  • George and Carolyn Skinner (from Katherine Katzenberger)
  • Peter Kreidler (from WSHPCO)
  • Mark Rake-Marona (from WSHPCO Board of Directors)
  • Marnell Farley (from Donna Inglis)
  • Edward “Eddie” Lacro (from WSHPCO staff)
  • Harold Foote (from David Bucher)
  • Victor & Bobbie DeAntonis (from O Scott Jackson & Valerie DeAntonis)
  • Lorne & Patricia Robinson (from MaryEllin Robinson)
  • Eddie Lacro (from Larlyn Fitzpatrick)
  • Mike Kolaski (from Larlyn Fitzpatrick)
  • Jennie Keuma (from Larlyn Fitzpatrick)
  • Johnny Lacro (from Larlyn Fitzpatrick)
  • William T. Young (from Larlyn Fitzpatrick)
  • Jeanne Metzger (from WSHPCO)
  • Lucienne Belair (from David Brunelle)
  • Jan Jacob Don (from Wendla van Klinken)
  • Charles & Adela Walters (from Tim Walters)
  • Sonjia Hauser (from WSHPCO)
  • Stuart & Annalu Farber (from  WSHPCO)
  • Iris Louisa Wolf (from Sara Wolbrecht)
  • Bob Lackey (from Meg McCauley)
  • Mike McCauley (from Meg McCauley)
  • Robert Ely (from Gina Simpson)
  • Ann Thomas (from Richard Bates)
  • William Duncan (from Ann Jackson)